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Diane Landry

Diane Landry

Staff Support & Outreach Specialist

Diane has always worked in a supportive role in various positions prior to contracting with the firm in June, 2015.

Diane helped her husband, Clem, run a trucking business for 32 years. She scheduled deliveries, kept the books and provided customer support among other duties necessary to run a small family business. “I had my hand in everything, but the driving.”

When Diane’s children got older, she followed them to school. In the local school system, she worked as a para-educator. “I enjoyed working side-by-side with the children to help them reach their full potential.”

Starting in 2005, during school breaks and summer vacations, Diane worked at Thompson Insurance and Financial Services. Diane was the “it” girl, filling in wherever she was needed. When the needs of the practice grew, so did our need for Diane’s services. It was a natural transition and Diane stepped into the role nicely.

Diane’s enthusiasm, incredible work ethic and great inter personal skills enable her to shine as an integral team player and outreach specialist for the firm.

Outside of the office, Diane enjoys spending time with her three grown daughters; Wendy, Faith and Allison and their families. Diane and Clem make frequent trips to Burlington to support their grandsons Michael and JJ in their various sports activities. Grandson Jackson, the family’s newest member, keeps everyone entertained and a smile on their faces.