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There are few things more important to successfully transferring wealth than solid plan. The failure to plan a tax-efficient wealth transfer can greatly diminish the amount of wealth that ultimately reaches the next generation. With so much focus on building an effective retirement plan, creating an equally effective plan for transferring hard-earned assets can unfortunately be an afterthought.

For those with the goal of leaving a lasting legacy, developing a tax-efficient wealth transfer strategy is a decision that can impact generations to come as well as to foster harmonious relations in the family.

Here are some key points to consider when preparing a tax-efficient wealth transfer:

  • Be proactive and start early. Start many months, if not years, before the ultimate transfer.
  • Involve family members in the process. The passing of a loved one is challenging enough without having to sort through the complex problems of a poorly planned estate.
  • Find an experienced and trusted consultant.
  • Explore the various options available and decide what is best for you and your heirs.
  • Develop a charitable giving plan and an estate plan.

With sufficient time and well thought out strategy, you, your family and your representatives can design a wealth transfer stragegy that is both tax-efficient and fair to all. Thompson Insurance & Financial Services welcome the opportunity to help you craft such a strategy that you and your family can be proud of.


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